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Money Back Guarantee

We value each and every client and approach their orders on a case-by-case basis, thinking about all the important features of the task. We realize just how important it is for clients to be familiar with their legal rights and options given by our company, that is the reason we wrote this article, namely our money-back guarantee. Letting people learn more about things like this is what guarantees everything goes like clockwork.

Generally, we effectively tackle our main task, which is to deal with any circumstances to provide our customers only with top-quality papers; as a result, the money-back guarantee isn’t a regularly used feature. Willing to make all the buyers pleased, we work hard on every order and offer a free revision request option.

Money back guarantee implies that a customer can have the money paid back in situations which are provided below. Make sure you take notice of the fact that depending on the details of your order the refund could be partial or full.

100% refund

  1. Two identical orders instead of one
    In case you have made two orders that are the same, make sure you speak to our support staff because it is very important to inform us straight away. But, in case a writer is assigned before you speak to our support, you won't get a full refund; for this reason place the order thoroughly.
  2. Cancelling the order before the writer is found
    Under such conditions, you can get a full refund. You can definitely get the entire amount back, having cancelled the order before it is given to our writer.
  3. When our company can't find a suitable professional
    The skillsets of our specialists let us cope with a huge selection of order types, nevertheless, due to different unforeseen situations or a really heavy workload, some of our highly competent writers could be unavailable.
  4. If you ordered once but paid twice
    This case happens very rarely, being done only by accident. Get in touch with our client support agents once you realize that you were charged double the price for one order. Bear in mind that it is possible to get a full refund only after showing us the copies of your receipts.

Partial refund

In addition, there are some conditions, based on which you can be offered a part of the sum back.

  1. Issues with timely order delivery
    It is a rare case, but still, there might be certain unforeseeable situations preventing timely receiving the finalized order. We discuss the refund amount individually with each buyer because it's affected by different factors. In some cases, issues with the delivery timeliness could be a result of the client's actions or their lack. Imagine a situation when a customer didn’t provide the author with all the essential materials in time. In cases like this, there won't be a refund. Please do not hold off the sending of the essential files since this factor is very important for the successful completion of your order.
  2. You decide that you don’t need our help, while the writer has already started working on your paper.
    In such a case, you can expect a refund of about 70% to pay for the writer’s work done. If there's less than half of the total time remaining to the due date, your refund will be around 50% or less.
  3. Client is dissatisfied after getting the result
    Let our manager review all your comments regarding the final result, and we'll do everything to solve any difficulties. The refund will depend on our findings. We want to assure you that we do our utmost for our customers to be content with the outcome, so such cases are very rare.
  4. Plagiarism in your paper?
    Any customer, who's shown us the presence of plagiarism in the received work is eligible for a partial refund or revision.

No refund

  1. If the mark is lower than you've expected
    We do our best to provide our customers only with superb works, but, unfortunately, those can’t always guarantee the highest mark, because it often is determined by your professor's or teacher's estimation and your own knowledge on the topic (e.g. when you must defend it).
  2. You ordered formatting, proofreading or editing
    We want you to be notified that when you ask us to do proofreading, formatting or editing, we will not alter the content of your work. This is why we do not take any responsibility for claims associated with its content.

Money-back process

When we confirm that your request for a refund is justifiable, it will take no more than five workdays for your money to be given back. It is important for us to highlight that we don’t pertain to any problems caused by any third parties (financial institutions etc.).

Including all transaction fees, the refund option is available as long as its total amount is larger than 10 USD. If your refund is less than 10 USD, do not worry - we provide our clients with the money-reservation option so that you can spend it on our services when you receive your next task.