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Two Ways to Write My Nursing Paper

Lets’ start with a good question – “why do I need to write my nursing paper?” The obvious answer is that you need to get a good grade for further progress in obtaining the degree. But this is not quite correct, and we all have to understand that scholarly writing can give us a lot more than just a couple of marks in our transcripts. As nursing graduates, you will be required to maintain documentation related to plans-of-care, as well as written communication with doctors. Thus, you need to acquire skills that will allow you to put your ideas on paper clearly – isn’t it the same thing that your tutors want you to do? Yes, a nursing note has nothing to do with nursing thesis, however, when it comes to case management or documentation of nursing practice, we can’t but agree that they have much in common with scholarly writing. Moreover, some types of academic writing can include various kinds of documentation routinely used in health institutions – isn’t it valuable practice?

Well, then we need to recognize the fact that all those awful student papers are not as useless as we may think. Still, they seem to be awful, since you just don’t quite understand how to write them. When given an assignment, you might feel confused and have no idea what to write about, where to start and how to structure the text. And what is more, you have to remember about all this stuff like formatting, citation, references and so on – how are you supposed to get through all this?! You do need a nursing essay help!

But keep your hair on! There are two ways out, and we are going to discuss both of them.

Writing nursing papers on your own

If you have enough time for writing nursing papers on your own, then follow our step-by-step guide through academic writing basics – it is applicable to many types of assignments except for specific ones.

Step 1

First, you need to understand what you are really writing about. If you don’t, you will hardly be able to explain your ideas to others, including your tutor. You will muddle away your time and effort searching for information you don’t really need and writing things having no relevance to your topic. Your nursing term paper will be vague and unconvincing, and even your clever ideas will be lost in peddling junk.

Thus, you need to think about what your topic is about and why it is important – if you are not ready to answer these questions at once, you are out of the subject. Then read about the topic to form a considered opinion, while doing four important things:

Unreliable sources can affect your vision, and they won’t do for your literature review or references.

Save your time and collect all reliable sources, including online resources, since you will need them for the literature review and references.

Again, save your time, since if you don’t, finally you will find yourself furiously searching for evidence required for your nursing thesis or essay. And do bother to write down a source and a page where those figures and quotes were taken from since you will need to arrange them in compliance with citation rules.

Make sure to mark out the basics - main definitions, theories, findings, ideas related to your topic. View this as a frame for your future paper, then adding your own ideas and findings.

Step 2

Collect data and analyze it. Note that sometimes it is not enough just to read books on your topic – it depends on a particular type of nursing essay writing. To do research or case study, you may need to collect data using various ways, like interviewing, collecting reports, making observations and so on. Thus, think over:

When all required information is collected, analyze it thoroughly and reasonably without trying to make it fit the desired results or theories – otherwise, you can have problems with the verification.

Step 3

You are ready to write only when you are able to explain (at least for yourself) what you are trying to research (if you are writing a nursing research paper) or discuss (if you are writing an essay). Then it is time to define your main statements and build arguments supporting them. Needless to say that your statements should be based on the unbiased results of your research. Write down the statements and carefully select figures or other pieces of evidence you are going to use – put this into a draft, where each statement is supported by 2-3 arguments. Then, outline a conclusion, summarizing your findings, impressions and ideas.

Step 4

Now outline a structure of your paper. Usually, any essay or nursing dissertation includes:

Start with writing your literature review, since this is the easiest part, where you need to describe what was written about the problem. Use those quotes we talked about in Step 1.

Then write the body based on your statements from Step 3 supporting them with the data from Step 2.

Write the conclusion and only then move to your introduction, since it is easier to define the goals of your paper when you have already described its results.

Add references using your notes from Step 1. Here you are – your paper is written!

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