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Privacy Policy

This policy clarifies how we protect personal information received throughout the working process.

Web-site visitor details

People who enter our web-site provide some info regarding the version of their browser and operating system. No other companies have access to this info. It's utilized for our internal functions only and serves for increasing the site’s quality and making the layout more practical.


Marketing analysis by means of Google Analytics is one of the main reasons we gather and make use of your browser cookies. Any private information can't be accessed through web cookies due to the fact only some non-essential details on the visitor's browsing activity are kept there. The cookie information is returned to our company as internet activity reports just after being handled by Google.

Personal data

If you want to place an order on our website it'll require you to specify your payment information and contact details. Nonetheless, there are no reasons for worries because we always keep all user information safe and use it for matters related to the order. The way we utilize provided personal data under no circumstances implies sharing it with any external entities for promotional offers or any commercial purposes. The only appropriate way it can be used would be to inform our purchasers of any order-associated changes or matters. Mobile phone numbers are required as a way to call you in certain emergency situations like damaged files, instruction clarifications, and other cases of this type.

Links to Other Web-sites

If we host some links to other external resources on our site, keep in mind that we can't be held responsible for any material or problems associated with those web-sites. Our company regularly reviews and updates our Privacy Policy section. To follow any possible privacy policy changes check up on this page every now and then.